Talbot’s Out At Least 2 Weeks, Possibly Longer

Oh God, it’s happening.

Earlier today, I wrote that the IR designation was likely used because we only have two games in the next seven days and that this was used to keep from sending the Pool Party or Tony Time down to the minors then BAM this is a legitimate injury and it’s right in our face. Okay, so this is not great. It gets worse when you consider that Cam has started 135 of our last 152 games, including playoffs, dating back to 2016. That’s 89% of our last 152 games. That’s a LOT of games. I think we – that’s all of us, even the massive Talbot supporters like myself – took Cam’s presence for granted when you step back and look at the numbers and consider that basically nobody else has played in goal for the Oilers since January 19, 2016.

That said, the good teams prevail in times of hardship. Case and point, I still think Vegas is a bad hockey club and yet they won games while their fourth string goalie of a goddamn expansion team tended the crease for the Knights. Am I saying it’s probable? Not really. But to para-quote my man Lloyd Christmas: I’m telling you there’s a chance. We just have to keep our composure.



There’s also Montreal, however – a team so futile that the moment they lose Price they go from playoff competitor to lottery lock. That kind of scares me. Should be fairly universal, but don’t be like Montreal. Be more like Vegas. In Connor we trust.

God, I know you hate me, otherwise you wouldn’t have made me go through the Decade of Darkness, or forced me to sit through the first three seasons of Oil Change, or persuaded me to cheer for the professional football team that murdered Andrew Luck, or convinced me that it was a good idea to buy Florida Panthers season tickets because they were offering imaginative jerseys. But for the love of you, listen to me this one time: I have no much pride to let Toronto and Calgary consecutively obliterate the boys. Lend your knowledge to one Laurent Brossoit and help guide us through this difficult time. It’s rivalry week, and we need these wins so gosh dang bad. Do this and I promise I will celebrate your son’s birthday extra hard this year. This is all I ask. The one thing I need from you this year and I’m generously donating my wish to the skill and general winability of a backup goalie who is otherwise best know for slugging fun sodas at the Pint. Do this for me and you will not hear from me again until like probably at least the playoffs, hand on my heart. Help us. I can’t lose to Toronto and Calgary.