Game Day Blog 27/82: Battle of Alberta on a Saturday Night, Oilers @ Flames

McDavid on a Saturday night against Calgary got me all like:

The last time we played Calgary on HNIC we clobbered them 7-3. LB started that one as well. We scored seven goals and McDavid only had one point. I tore the roof off Hudson’s that night. Shout out to all the fans who made the trip down the QE2 for this one. Make some fucking noise tonight let’s GO.

Tonight’s Opponent: Calgary Relocation Threats

Their Record: 14-10-1, 29 points

Our Record: 10-14-2, 22 points

What do they have? Christ Johnny Gaudreau is having a year. The reigning Lady Byng winner has piled up 34 points in 25 games. However, he only has eight points in 15 career games against the Oilers, with TWO penalties. Not very gentlemanly like, little Johnny. Let’s also never forget that in the summer Johnny Lady Byng verbally committed to playing for the Flyers when he hits free agency.

But Johnny has enjoyed a plethora of success this year while playing on a line with Sean Monahan (26 points) and my personal nemesis, Micheal Ferland (14 points). Monahan has had the most success against the Oilers, tallying 13 points in 19 career games. Ferland has like two in nine, the idiot. And behind that, they have a not-so-bad second line either. Backlund and Tkachuk both have 17 points on the year and give Calgary some actually decent depth, although Frolik is also on that line, and he is fucking garbage. Anyways, here’s Matt Tkachuk getting bitch-slapped by 21 million US dollars:

Going on a limb when I predict that unlike Johnny Gaudreau, Matt Tkachuk will probably never win the Lady Byng trophy. Recently, Gabriel Landeskog attempted to murder Matt Tkachuk with his stick.

After the second line, however, Calgary starts to bleed. Elite player Sam Bennett has torched the NHL with six points in 25 games. To put that into perspective, Jagr — who plays on Bennett’s line — has seven points in 15 games, and he’s 190 years old. Tonight will be the first time the Oilers have played this Calgary version of Jagr.

Back to Bennett though, because dammit it’s fun. Of late, Calgary has tried to make Bennett a shutdown forward, meaning he’s been asked to cover Connor, proving that Sam’s greatest challenge surprisingly may not be the pull-up bar. Jujhar Khaira has as many points as Bennett this year, in 12 less games. This is the same guy, of course, that moronic shitbag Mark Spector once said Calgary would rather have than Connor McDavid, all because of one shift:

Their fourth line is a goddamn trash heap. Matt Stajan has zero (0) points this year. I mean, Christ. Iiro Pakarinen had one! Stajan, remember, makes $3.125 million and makes Milan Lucic look like a goddamn bargain. Is linemate, Troy Brouwer, is the third highest paid forward on the team. And in goal, Mike Smith hasn’t had a Mike Smith-caliber blowup yet so tonight seems like as good of night as ever.

Cool stadium guys.

What do we have? My God are the Oilers ever turning into an unprecedentedly entertaining organization to observe. Travis Yost pointed this out a few days ago and oh baby he’s right. When we’re on, we’re hands down one of the most exciting teams to watch in hockey. Connor McDavid is literally orgasmic to watch play, and you have guys like Leon Draisaitl and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins who are artistically creative on the pond as well. And the fans, man. Loudest, craziest, most in-your-face fan base in the league when the Oil are on their game. We missed the playoffs for a billion straight years and the one year we finally make it the feelings are impeccable. Felt like we were back-to-back-to-back Cup champions, not lottery champions.

And when we’re off, it might even be better.

Monitoring Twitter after an Oilers loss is like watching a magnificent natural disaster occur from afar. It’s devastating, yet phenomenal. It’s catastrophic, yet you can’t look away. It’s a seismic meltdown of epic proportions and it should be preserved as an artifact for future generations to study. We are the best. I love us. Look at this Arizona fan after we beat them the other night:

That’s so sweet. Good try, team!! Now look at this Oilers fan after we lost a heartbreaker on a shit luck play after playing some of the best 40 minutes we’ve played all year:

Right after the Twitter guy’s head!!! God, that’s so us. We’re an enigma.

And if you think we have emotional highs and lows after beating the Wings and getting absolutely pummelled by St. Louis, just wait and see the emotions that are at stake for tonight’s game. Beat Calgary and playoff ’18 t-shirts go on sale Monday. Lose to Calgary and it’s absolute anarchy online and out on the streets and basically everywhere. On a game in December. That’s why I love Edmonton. Nobody cares like we care.

Back to the ice, Adam Larsson is on IR but it looks like Eric Gryba won’t be back in the lineup after what was undoubtedly one of the worst hockey games ever played. These are some possible changes:

St. Albert to the fucking rescue fam let’s go. I didn’t even know Stanton got recalled but I’m all for this move because it means Eric Gryba will not be playing, and that’s really appreciated. Ryan Stanton won’t be paired with Matt Benning but could you imagine if they were omg the Crown & Tower would literally blow up. Tony coming makes no sense but alright. Jesse stays on the first line. So does Lucic, sigh. But Connor has 13 points in eight games against the Flames AND Jesse has one goal in two games against these guys so I’m very much feeling this. Even Lucic has 14 in 17 against Calgary. We own these idiots. Six game winning streak against our biggest rivals and what essentially feels like a must win in December anyways, this is playoff hockey in month three people. I fully expect us NOT to come out flat tonight. It’s impossible.

Also RISE UP St. Albert because the party is coming to town:

It’s a BoA on a Saturday AND we have two good St. Albert kids in the lineup so I expect the building to be rocking all the way down the Trail.

LB starts. He’s 1-0 in his career against Calgary, I’m just saying.

Did you know? Ah let’s look at this again because why not:

What a shift!!!!

Prediction: 6-5 Oilers let’s get it GOING Edmonton. BoA. Saturday night. Connor McDavid scores two goals. Kassian beats up somebody. Ryan Stanton gets an assist. Mike Smith breaks a stick. Jesse Puljujarvi fucks. BLUE LET IT RIP MY MAN!