Game Day Blog 28/82: The Boys Are Back in Town, Flyers @ Oilers

The Oilers are back in action for the first time since Jesse scored two goals in the first against Calgary and it was a much needed break. Turns out McDavid has been suffering from what feels like his 58th flu this year. That, or it’s just been one prolonged flu that politely needs to fuck right off at some point here. Stop infecting my captain. Catch a Chinook and fly down to Calgary.

Tonight’s Opponent: Johnny Gaudreau’s future team.

Their Record: 9-11-7, 25 points

Our Record: 11-14-2, 24 points, winners of three of four, buried 11 goals in our last two games.

It’s not often that we get to play a team that has less wins than we do but here we go fam. Yes, Philly dropped 10 (!!) straight games until Monday night when they clobbered Calgary. Five of those 10 straight L’s came in overtime, however, so Philly still has one more point than us. A win tonight though and the fellas are leapfrogging these idiots and separating from the Ottawa/Florida three way bum triangle that we currently find ourselves in. We’ll finally catch Colorado if we win tonight. We’ll only be three back of Calgary, assuming they lose to Toronto and we beat Philly tonight. LOT at stake for a casual Wednesday in December. Let’s goddamn go.

Last Meeting: HELL on ice:

“The Fuck Up Heard Around The Twittersphere.” Ya, remember this catastrophic meltdown of epic proportions? Everything that could have gone wrong on one play all went wrong simultaneously. Kris Russell — insusceptible to blame from Edmonton’s media for literally eternity — was doing one of his patented Star Fish moves after Adam Larsson misread Jori Lehtera’s play and was promptly burned by Val Filppula, all while Milan Lucic feebly attempted to bump Filppula off the puck after what was yet another outrageously slow backcheck AND Ryan Strome’s controller somehow died after he hit the blue line. That nuclear abomination of a play should be permanently on display at the Art Gallery and titled: Chiarelli.

What do they have now though? Moronic shitbag Brandon Manning was injured against Calgary so he’s out 3-4 weeks. He was a healthy scratch in our first meeting back on October 21st, meaning we will not see the Manning-McDavid rivalry hit the ice in the 2017-18 season, unless of course, Brandon gets traded (likely) or waived (even more likely) and ends up somewhere else.

I get SWEATY every time I watch that gif. Daddddyyyyyyyy.

Dropping 10 games in a row is horribly awful but six of those 10 games were decided by one goal. Of course, Philly was also shutout in three of those 10 games, so ya. And it’s strange because Philly has a) one player with more points than Connor McDavid (Voracek, 33), b) three players who are clipping at a point-per-game pace (Voracek, Giroux, Couturier), and c) a 20 point defenseman (Gostisbehere). The rest of their team is flat out shit. Wayne Simmonds is having a horrendous year. Nolan Patrick has less points than Jujhar Khaira. Something called a Robert Hagg has played in all 27 of their games. Brandon Manning is 11th on the team in scoring and he has ECHL caliber potential, that’s how horrific their depth is. And I know, we’re not one’s to criticize any other team’s depth. Our second leading scorer has 19 points and everything like that, sure. Fine. But guess what? In the last two games we have 11 goals and Connor McDavid has two total points out of that. Live look at the secondary and tertiary scoring in the last seven days:

For real though, has Nolan Patrick done anything this year? He has three points in his last 12 games and I’ve honestly already forgotten about him. Watch tonight as he gets a hat trick right in my face.

What do we have now? Five different players since that previously specified meeting. Out: Yamamoto, Malone, Pakarinen, Jokinen, Tony Time. In: Draisaitl, Jesse (he fucks), Caggiula, Cammalleri, Khaira. That is one hell of an improvement. And goddamn finally:

Now if only we can remove the fourth liner who is still our only one-time option on the first unit and replace him with a young and energetic right winger who lives, eats, breaths, and shits shooting the puck.

Cam skating this week is quite refreshing and reassuring. There has been talk of going to get another goalie while we wait his return but if the price is Tony then I’m not down for that. But also LB is really starting to terrify me and I’d really appreciate a game where he doesn’t allow five goals. That said, tonight’s a good opportunity for him to get the confidence going a bit. Philly is certainly beatable and they don’t exactly light it up (25th in goals for).



Did you know? Daddy has fallen out of the top 10 in scoring (11th) but the good news is he has at least one game in hand on most of the people above him, so. He’s eight behind Kucherov for the league lead and, more importantly, four behind the reigning Lady Byng winner for the Alberta lead. Connor is the only Oiler in the top 80. He’s going to obliterate Elliott like it’s 2016-17 tonight.

Prediction: Three of four is a fluke, four of five is high quality hockey right there, I’ll tell ya. Let’s go win this one. 4-2 Oilers Connor gets three points. Cammalleri gets his first as an Oiler. Jesse gets his first assist of the year.