Game Day Blog 32/52: Matinee In Minny… Jesus Christ, Oilers @ Wild

UGHHHHHHHHHHH. Afternoon against Minnesota. What a kick to the pills.

Tonight’s Opponent: Minnesota Wild

Chris Stewart doing his best “Darnell Nurse” there.

What Do They Have? The stench of Jacques Lemaire will perpetually follow this team like a bad fart. This is the only franchise that could have landed Connor McDavid and successfully converted him into a 60 point two-way forward. They’re paying Zach Parise $110 million until he’s 96 and his career high in points since joining the Wild is 62.

The worst news is they’re starting a back up goalie against us. Watch as Alex Stalock magically transforms into the goaltending equivalent of the goddamn Terminator. I’m already bored an puck drop isn’t for an hour.

What Do We Have? READY?!


Can returns to the Oilers crease just as the team is beginning to play it’s best hockey of the year. Once we get Larsson and Rej back look the hell out for the Oilers. It will be the greatest playoff comeback this league has ever witnessed.

No word if there will be any lineup changes but it’s hard to imagine Todd not pulling Tony out of the lineup for his boy Drake Cagguila. That’s such a Todd thing to do.

Did you know? The Vikings are great and are hosting the Super Bowl this year so it’s difficult to imagine anybody in the State of Minnesota giving a single shit about the 2.46 goals per game Minnesota Wild and their usual bullshit this year.

Prediction: We legit never beat these guys and they’re sending out our kryptonite – a backup goalie – so the odds are completely stacked against us. That said, this is also the game where we follow up a tough loss with like 11,000 goals so I’m partially torn about how I feel going into this. I’ll say 6-2 Oilers. Connor with two. Jesse with two.