Game Day Blog 35/82: Return of the Reggie, Blues @ Oilers

SHIN PADS… BE WARNED! The Reg is back. After barely surviving the two and a half months of Reggie Sekera-less hockey, the highest paid Oilers defenseman is set to return. Couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. The boys are looking to win three straight games for just the first time all year (?!?) and we find ourselves in the middle of a little playoff chasing. Welcome back, Reggie:

Tonight’s Opponent: St. Louis Blues

Their Record: 22-12-2, 46 points

Losers of four of their last five, St. Louis — arguably hockey’s most historic losers in the first place — enter tonight now tied with the Predators for first in the Central, and just one point ahead of the blossoming meadows of Winnipeg.

Our Record: 15-17-2, 32 points

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, a team that is trending in all the right directions. Winners of four of six, finally almost healthy, a goalie that hasn’t lost since pretty much Halloween, and a team that has finally found its scoring mojo. Did you know we’re tied with the two time defending Cup champions and the idiot Blue Jackets for goals for? We also have a better GF/GA ratio than all but one of the teams in the bottom 12 (-9). If you’re buying stock in hockey teams, I’d recommend taking out a mortgage on these here Oilers.

Last Time We Played St. Louis: Well it was definitely something.


Pretty much summed it up.

What Do The Blues Have? Jaden Schwartz and Jay Bouwmeester are both out with injuries. Schwartz had four points in that previous meeting, and has lit the Oilers for five points in two games this year. Suffice to say his absence will be noted. Taking his spot on the first line has been Vlad Sobotka, who has zero points in six games since getting the promotion. That entire line has felt the absence of Schwartz. The normally consistently lethal Tarasenko only has points in two of the six games, and Brayden Schenn looks like Philly Schenn again with just three points in the six games. I’ll reiterate: This line pummeled us from behind with a combined 16 points in the two previous games.

Their entire offence appears to be missing Schwartz. It actually just appears to be missing in general. They’ve scored a whopping four goals in their last five games and are playing their second back-to-back in the last week. They’re tired, they’re injured, they’re struggling. The opportunity has presented itself. Need I remind us that we absolutely clobbered this team last year. They had no answer for us. Let’s do that again.

What Do We Have? Ohhhh baby this looks nice:

You can literally see the roller coaster happen right before your eyes. Look at our last eight games. LOOK AT THEM! I mean, this graphic legitimately looks like a NASDAQ chart, and the Edmonton Oilers are the fucking Bitcoin of hockey. Mega highs and one gigantic super plummet. It’s like creating three balanced lines with three outstanding centres actually worked or something, go figure?

Based on yesterday’s rushes, our lines will look something like this:

Nathan Walker was reclaimed by Washington, so goodbye mate. That brings the club down to 47 contracts.

Aweeeeeee yea we dancing. Should I pre-order my Hoffman jersey now or wait until Boxing Day? Basically it’s coming down to Slepy versus Cammy for the last winger spot on line four. You know who I’d pick. Need me some more Tony Time.

First two lines have been rolling solid. I’d still stick Caggiula in a cannon and fire him to the moon but also whatever. He’s got speed and such (package deal for Hoffman and Karlsson let’s go Petey).

The most exciting part of our roster tonight has to do with our blue line:

Like Arnold, the Regginator is back. His only mission is too assault every shin pad in this league. The Johann comes out because Davey has been incredible. Iceman in the cage looking for his sixth straight dub.

Did You Know? I went to St. Louis once. Toured the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. It was fucking magical. Free samples at the end of the tour. If you’re ever accidentally in St. Louis, I highly recommend you get in one there.

Prediction: 3-1 Oilers. Khaira, McDavid, Nugent-Hopkins. Magnus Paajarvi gets their goal because of course he does. Blue gets on TV.