Morning After Blog: The Goddamn Posts

I’m still hurting from Saturday so bear with me here. That’s an all time tough loss. We probably could have and should have scored at least five or 15 goals, but the hockey gods, those fucking huge assholes, did not want us to win that game. A million posts, a million big saves by the career backup, and the game winning (and only) goal came just 35 seconds into the game. It didn’t feel like a 1-0 loss, I’ll tell ya that for free.

1st Period

Shortly before puck drop the Leafs announced that Auston Matthews would be out for this game. Despite the tragedy, the game still went ahead as planned.

I hadn’t even started watching yet:

Leon turned the puck over at the offensive blue line, and exactly nine seconds later it was in our net. The way she’s gone this year.

1-0 Toronto

2nd Period

Damn hell:

Dammit hell again some more:

Dammit hell for a record breaking third time in one period:

1-0 Leafs, 2-0 posts

3rd Period

I can’t recall the Leafs doing a single thing in the offensive zone. Not off the top of my head. The puck was perpetually in their zone. Unfortunately, Curtis McElhinney channeled his inner Patrick Roy and the post made another goddamn save and we couldn’t score on another power play, and you get the drill.

1-0 Leafs, 3-0 posts, 0-4 power plays



One game winning streak snapped AGAIN.

I’m not even mad. We deserved the fuck out of that one.

Connor was a mutant all night. I’m absolutely stunned he didn’t have four or five points himself, let alone the entire team. Let’s watch him cremate Ronald Hainsey:

Get Jesse on the damn power play.

We can’t beat them. 0-4 against Toronto since McDavid ran a train on them during his rookie year.

Hottest Take of the Night

Oh man, for those who didn’t witness one of the worst takes of all time on Twitter last night, Mark Spector successfully became the first media person ever to play the “you didn’t play the game” card to a person who played the game:

Spec has since deleted the tweet and formally apologized for being widely under-informed. Tough look for the President of the PHWA. Tough year, actually.




The opposing post.