Morning(ish) After Blog: Tough Pill, New Streak Time

Can’t sit here and be disappointed with how last night went down. Lot of positives to take despite being outshot by 14. Real talk. Cam was incredible and stood on his head, something that’s extremely comforting to see. McDavid’s foot is still the best in the NHL. Leon is a goddamn menace out there. Jesse definitely fucks. Reg is starting to settle in. I saw a lot of good things yesterday, and even though Winnipeg was the better team, I’m gaining more and more confidence in our boys as the head down the stretch. New winning streak, starting on Friday.

1st Period

Darnell took a tripping call seven minutes into the game but bah gawd it didn’t matter.

I mean, everybody who was watching this live knew this was the most automatic goal maybe in the history of hockey. An absolute no doubter. I think the scoreboard had it at 1-0 Oilers the literal second Daddy blew by Trouba. The definition of no chance for Hellebuyck. That’s our NHL leading (well, tied) seventh shorty of the year.

Anyways right as the power play had ended it was Brian Little getting Winnipeg on the board first:

In case you didn’t hear one of the 1,000 times it was mentioned on the broadcast, that game was Brian Little’s 710th game as a Jerasher, passing Chris Thorburn for the most all time played for the franchise. Imagine if Chris Thorburn held the record for the most games ever played in franchise history? FWIW, Patrik Stefan is 10th. Great franchise, guys.

I’d like to point out that Kris Russell followed his man up the ice there, which is fine so long as the forward (in this case, Khaira) sits back… which he did not. Therefore Reg was left all alone covering two men in front. Just a historically disastrous penalty kill we’re currently running in Edmonton. How Winnipeg went 0-4 is beyond my intelligence.

About six minutes after that, Matty Ice – my former hero – fed former first round nightmare Joel Armia who was wide open at the top of the circle.

Why was he so wide open? Well, Zack Kassian just elected to stop coming back, thinking maybe that Mark the Testu would beat Matty Ice – a literal dinosaur – to the puck on the dump in. That didn’t happen. So Zack stops in his tracks instead of coming back (which, in this case, could have easily prevented a goal as Armia had approximately four minutes to tee up that wrister) and we’re trailing with under six to go. It’s time for a hero…

First of all, and this is fairly obvious, he fucks. Jesse just bullied Kyle Connor and Jacob Trouba en route to batting in that rebound. He is inhumanly strong and impossible to knock down in the slot. I’d also like to point out what a ridiculous pass that was by McDavid from the corner, going cross ice over to an open Russell, who wisely chucked it on net so Jesse could clean up the trash. Just a brilliant display of hockeying by everyone.

Jesse has seven goals this year and five of them have been exactly like that. This guy was built to score. If only there was a play – a power one, if you would – where he could line up for a one timer and/or hover in the crease area for banger goals such as these. If only…

2-2 what a goddamn period of hockey

2nd Period

Exactly 54 seconds in…

That was a horrible pinch by Davidson, and then an equally horrible and mind-numbing attempt at playing a 2-on-1 by Adam Larsson. There’s a method of looking good on an odd man rush after your defensive partner blows the living fuck out of his assignment, and that’s not it. Nope. Wheeler and Connor (their’s, not the mutant) made Adam Larsson into minced meat and meanwhile, while this was all going on, Brandon Davidson was still finishing his check.

Oh and they weren’t done:

Big, clean, offensive zone faceoff win AND Davidson fed a fucking kitten over to Larsson that was picked off by the sailing Joel Armia, who’s scored 10% of his career goals against the Edmonton Oilers, because absolutely of course he has.

And just when maybe we figured it was all Jets, and this was a game we were inevitably destined to lose, it’s Jujhar time:

That’s his SEVENTH goal of the year. I’ve already forgot Tyler Pitlick’s name. No matter how good of a season Vegas has, let us not forget that they could have had Jujhar Khaira for free, but took Griffin Reinhart instead.

4-3 Jets (they outshot us 18-9 oh my)

3rd Period

Turns out we were still destined to lose. We had six shots in the third, which sounds incredibly boring and underwhelming, and to be fair for about 15 minutes it most definitely was, but we also directed roughly 184 shots on goal in the final two minutes and couldn’t solve Hellebuyck and we sort of fired with the accuracy of a March Madness bracket so that didn’t help either. Hell.

We went 0-1 on the power play despite the valiant effort of the Winnipeg fans to disapprove of the only man advantage Dwyer and Hebert gave us on the night. It was a too many men on the ice call, because Winnipeg had seven skaters out there for juts under an hour. It was still almost missed.

4-3 Jets, final


Watching our winning streak go away like:

I hate losing to Winnipeg more than about 27 or 28 of the other teams in the league. Right up there with Calgary and Toronto and Vancouver and Florida. This sucks.

This was fucking absurd:

One of those things was a penalty, and the other was a blatant knee-on-knee that could severely injury a player. But you gotta prevent those little retaliation bumps to the back! There’s a place in the game for obliterating someone’s knee but don’t you dare think about pushing on a player with the force of a 7-year-old, Jujhar!! What a humiliating look for the officials, just despicable.

I have no idea how that wasn’t called. That could have been five and a game and instead we were the ones killing a penalty. The fucking irony in Winnipeg fans losing theirs minds after the refs called them for having seven skaters on the ice.

I have no idea who Brandon Tanev is but I hate him.

Of course, we’re playing our best hockey of the year, we’re in the middle of Winning Season right now, and we lose one tough game against one of the best teams in hockey by one goal, and cue the Oilers Twitter explosion:

It’s not even a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with it, it’s just so damn funny to look at. The Oil could be 38-0-0, have 495 GF and 16 GA, but they lose game 39 to Detroit and Oilers Twitter would spontaneously combust and lose their minds over the idea that Cam Talbot would even CONSIDER going into a butterfly.

The ref cam was electric, fam:

That was pornographic. Nothing like a bird’s eye view of Connor steamrolling by Trouba and putting a ridiculous display of short handed hockey on for the viewers at home. That’s a better view that you’d get in the arena. We should have the option of watching the entire game from the ref cam, like the SAP button only for hockey porn. It’s hockey’s virtual reality.

Hottest Take of the Night

I’ll never get tired of jealous fans. I THIRST for their tears.


Probably Leon Draisaitl’s right knee cap for not imploding.


Could go to Connor or Leon or Cam really but I’ll give it to Connor because sure.