Todd Lost His Shit All Over The Boys At Practice Today

TODD coming to life!:

So, we apparently cannot complete a pass even when we’re the only team on the ice. That sounds promising. Just another Wednesday in Edmonton. What’re the odds Jesse understood any of that?

Honestly, I appreciate the fire coming out of Todd. The losing is crushing him right now, I think that’s pretty obvious. He’s so frustrated, in fact, that he’s about to healthy scratch his boy Drake Caggiula. He never sits Caggiula. If anything he usually elevates Caggiula. And Strome’s about to eat the press box popcorn as well, because Todd clearly doesn’t give too much of a fuck about Chiarelli’s trades anymore. This doesn’t mean that he’s going to give us competent coaching or anything, but I enjoy seeing a pulse. Perhaps he should try screaming at Woodcroft like that?

THAT SAID! Because Oilers, I remember the team getting bagged to hell and back by Todd during like the second week of the season, only to come out flatter than the province of Saskatchewan the following game.Therefore, I’m not sure what to believe or expect anymore. I don’t know if the coach sparking a fire on the Rog Mahal ice during a practice will be enough to send a wake up kick directly to the nut sack of every single player on this team. I don’t know if scratching Caggiula and Strome and injecting Tony and Steve Irwin into the roster will be the motivation these guys need to start producing. Because in reality, it’s more than just a couple players bumming it out all over the rink. It’s the overall assembly of this team that terrifies me, and I think at this point we’re all pretty cognizant of that. I’ve reached the point where I just expect the team to come out and take a repulsive dump on my emotionally investment after every time they put together a solid win. I feel so hopeless. Somebody end this nightmare.



I’m sure Daryl is hard at work penning a letter to the fans and demanding our patience, unless of course the Fairy Godfather is too busy flipping American real estate with all that money he didn’t spend on the arena.