Morning After Blog: They Can’t Beat Us


Zebras are booed, yelled at, and argued with on a nightly. Hell, sometimes they’re even hit with a couple of accidental punches (Kass). But this was a different ball game. This was the Super Bowl of referee burns. On the list of statements made and directed specifically at refs, being sarcastically told to go review a shootout goal is right next to Jackie Moon telling Father Pat he will murder his family. It was flawlessly executed by Connor. The only calls we’ve been getting all season have been from other GMs trying to fleece Chiarelli. And last night, the officiating crew was an absolute disaster right from the start. But the goalie interference bullshit goes back to the Anaheim series, and even sort of before that when Kass had no less than 50 goals taken away from him last season. But like the good young team that we are, we’ve sat back and played by the rules, despite the perpetual disrespect we’ve taken from the stripes since Connor’s been in the league. Can’t have a newcomer come in and…

And almost as importantly, I guaranteed a win:

And the boys came through.

After what was just a terrible start, the Oilers stepped on the gas in the second and third and over time and shootout periods to beat Calgary for the third time this year, and the seventh time in a row. They can’t beat us. The whole Pacific cannot beat us save for those two games we lost but whatever about them anyways. That’s a series win against the Calgary Flames and we’ve only played three of our five games against them this year. Smell you in March, idiots.

We have a lot to cover about this one so let’s get right at it:

1st Period

Things actually looked relatively promising after we killed an early period penalty. And then Milan Lucic grabbed the puck with literally nobody in his area code. Check this picture out:

Does he: A) take the pass and carry it out of the zone, or B) take his time to make a sharp pass and feed it on the tape of a streaking Khaira?

Trick question it was actually C) make a forced decision with the puck and give it right to Mark Giordano, immediately leading to a goal against.

Milan’s strong game would continue on the ensuing Oilers “power” play (I use “power” in quotations because it is anything but powerful). Look at his positioning (legs at the top of the screen, underneath the Oilers logo) when Jesse dumped the puck in the zone:

He’s basically lined up in Nisku relative to the blue line before the puck had even been dumped in. Jesse just started to move his stick for the dump in and Lucic was already digging for it in the corner. My god. I have no answer for his game going from methodically lackluster to absolute shit. No clue anymore.

Now this technically wasn’t a penalty kill but also Calgary had the net empty for the delayed penalty so it was 6-on-5 and ya:

And another bad start. Here come the Oilers:

2-0 Flames

2nd Period

Okay Milan, you have the puck on your stick again and you’re in the offensive zone and you’re cycling down low don’t do anything stupid annnnnd he fired it down the ice:

What the actual hell? The subsequent verbal cue that came down immediately following that offensive zone clearing play was not “Looooooch” and I’ll tell ya that for free.

And then we did it. We finally, finally did it. The shutout streak was almost at 94 minutes before Jesse got the puck, then fanned on the shot, then took a hit which opened up space for the perpetually healthy scratched Brandon Davidson to scoop up the puck and fire it home for his first in over 60 games:

Annnnnnnd we’re on the board. POOL POINT! Jesse grabs his fourth point in three games (he fucks) and, arguably more importantly, the Oilers finally got on the board.

And before Sportsnet had time to announce the Safeway “Score and Win” winner:

Kassian put himself an assist away from a Gordie (Kass was later ejected for an instigator penalty [which was his second 10 minute misconduct of the game] in which he dropped the gloves at the same time as the new Calgary villain guy) and there was a McPoint on the play and the Oil have it tied the hell up baby! Show me the feels, Connor:

Hehehehe, it’s like he’s staring directly into all of our souls telling us it will be okay.

Wait… I’m falling for this again… this is a trap. Look away, guys. Don’t you dare pull me back in don’t you goddamn dare. Ignore the good feels and think about what the Oilers will undoubtedly do to you next week… But maybe a 2:30 a.m. ‘hey’ text wouldn’t hurt I don’t know you know it’s mature it’s being friendly it’s strictly platonic no harm can come of this IT’S MY RELATIONSHIP I’LL DO WHAT I WANT!

I am hopeless. Good period though.


3rd Period

Brandon fucking Davidson. Walks in, lines it up…. annnnnnnnd BAZOOKA:

He and Strome both grabbed their second points of the night on that play. Strome doesn’t get points often but when he does they’re usually all in the same game and then he goes on a vacation for about three weeks. And just like that we had the lead.

But the Oilers giveth, the Oilers taketh away:

Goddamn, man. Things were going to great and then poof, just like that, it’s gone. Not a great look for the St. Albert brand, especially on a night where Brandon Davidson played possibly the best game of his career. Pains me to say it but ugh. Tough one.

Wasn’t worried though. Want to know how I knew we had this in the bag? Milan Lucic, arguably having the worst game of his NHL career, absolutely scorched Brett Kulak and Michael Stone off the face of the earth:

Pardon me? Where the hell did that come from? Big Looch apparently has a Connor McDavid hidden somewhere in his cerebellum and I highly suggest he use it more often because it actually looked like he snorted and entire container of pre workout. Imagine if Tony Time would have buried that too. Jesus, Looch. More of this, less of everything else, man.

3-3 annnnd Calgary gets a point for the 80th time this year.


“Connor McDavid burned down the wing, sent the 2017 Lady Byng winner Johnny Gaudreau back about three generations, then drove the net and allowed Ryan Strome to bury the rebound and pick up the over time winner. That was Strome’s first goal in 13 games, and we defeated the Calgary Flames by a score of 4-3 in over time.”

That’s what I would have said if the video review gods didn’t hate the living shit hell out of the Edmonton Oilers.


Once again, goaltender interference remains undefeated against the Edmonton Oilers. Connor’s skate apparently caused enough of a disruption to David Rittich’s blocker that prevented him from getting up (which he did) and making an effort to save the puck (which he also did). Todd, your thoughts:

Agreed. Ruined a perfectly good Kevin Quinn “over timeeeeeeeee winner” and took away a point from the NHL’s reigning MVP because the NHL is stupid and dumb and can’t get a handle on anything goaltender interference related. Ryan Kesler’s hand is still on Talbot’s knee.

Also in the extra frame, the puck was loose and about 0.2 seconds away from being moved up the ice by Connor and Leon, teeing up what probably would have been a highlight reel 2-on-1, but the ref (behind the cage, of course) blew the whistle about five minutes prematurely and prevented the Oil from striking.

The goods new of over time was that Cam transformed back into the Iceman and made like two breakaway saves and was just utterly dominant. Let’s hear it:

We’re going to the skills competition.


The 2017-18 Paralyzer, Mike Cammalleri: Goal.

My all time personal nemesis, Micheal Ferland: No goal. Idiot.

Leon: No goal.

Pizza Face: Goal.

Daddy McDadderson:

And cue the music again fam:

God do I ever love that. Legit nothing to lose. What’re the refs going to do, stop calling penalties against him? He’s hooked and tripped and interfered with all game every game and nothing ever gets called. Ryan Kesler is basically an article of clothing on Connor every time we play the Ducks. Fuck them. Eat our shorts. Connor forever, baby.

Oh and Cam stopped Sean *derp* Monahan to seal the victory and the Edmonton Oilers snapped a horrific one game losing streak by coming from behind then blowing a lead then winning it twice in extra hockey to defeat Calgary by a score of:

4-3 in a mf shootout LET’S GO.


One win down, 28 to go in order to tie how many points we had last year (there are 32 games left).

That seven game winning streak against Calgary is the longest we’ve had since 1984-1986, when we beat them 12 times in a row.

I’m beginning to accept the fact that we will not be in the playoffs this year given that, on any given night, the Oilers will perform like they did against Buffalo and haunt my dreams for 6-8 days. I’m happy about the win, of course, but I’m still emotionally destroyed thanks to that gut-wrenchingly idiotic performance on Tuesday. Still, it feels fantastic to win the season series against Calgary. We could be the first team in sports history to kick the living butts out of our division and still miss the playoffs by double digit points.


Somebody file a hurt feelings report for Steve Kozari and Kendrick “Don’t Call Me Lamar” Nicholson. The epitome of butthurt.

Kassian to Pizza Face: “I’ll beat your fucking face.” Pizza Face:

Same, Matthew. You know he knew very well that if anyone would indeed beat his face, it’d be this nutcase:

Cam doing God’s work:

Makes no effort whatsoever to get out of our goalie’s way, pushes him into the net. No call. Shocked Cam didn’t get five and a game for that love tap.

We had three 10 minute misconducts haha.

How in the actual name of hell did the Flames go 0-4 on the power play?

The Oilers reacted understandably to the goaltender interference call:

And Flames fans reacted normally to their 25-16-8 team losing in a shootout on the road and picking up at least one point in 11 straight hockey games:

WAAAAH we keep getting points in hockey games I’m done with this season we get too many points FIRE THE COACHING STAFF TO SATURN!!!

Hottest Takes of the Night

Hey Andy and Cam:

Gator’s Grinder of the Game

One more time because it is everything:

Most Outstanding Player

I’d love to give this to Connor too just for his telling the officials to go to heck and stuff but Davy was our MOP. I believe that’s the first ever MOP he’s ever received. We’ll see him against Colorado. Way to go, Davy.