Morning After Blog: Las Edmonton

MY GOD THAT CROWD!! There was an obnoxious amount of orange inside their arena. It looked and sounded like and had the feel like a home game on the road. The chants, the noise, the energy… it was a real life Vegas experience stuffed inside of a hockey rink. Look at these people right before that massive team celly:

Do these look like the faces of the fan base that can’t beat us?

That last lady is hilariously confused. She literally doesn’t know what to do with her hands. The arena flat out erupted when the Oilers scored thanks to the no-less-than 6,000+ Oilers fans that invaded the T-Jungle and this woman, decked out in Knights gear, thought it appropriate to celebrate given the atmosphere. Love it. We own the Knights’ heads. We’re the only team in the league that remains undefeated in two or more games against the Knights. The only team in the league they’ve lost two games against.

More importantly, I am the biggest sucker of all time. I know what they’re doing to me right now and I fully expect to have my heart smashed into three million pieces by as early as next week but right now, I’m on top of the world. I’m scouting the standings and laughing at how easy it is in my head to think about the team coasting their way by five teams and making up eight points, despite the fact that we don’t play for an entire fucking week, and giggling at how possible this is. I’m already thinking about where I’ll be drinking when we play the Knights in the first round of the playoffs in mid-April. It takes just two straight wins from these guys for me to get back in this zone. I hate myself for this, but also I love it so much. The Oilers are my drugs.

1st Period

No scoring but P.E. Bellemare took an unimpeded clapper right to the face:

Somehow, miraculously, the dude returned to the game. This, despite an incredible amount of swelling and stitches right beside his right eye. Good, tough kid from Le Blanc-Mesnil, France. Insert jokes about hockey players being tougher than all the other athletes here.


2nd Period

Vegas is something dumb like 18-1-0 when they score first or something, so we’ll just go ahead and score the first goal of the game for only the second time in 2018.

Darryl Nurse just throws it in front of the net and wouldn’t ya know it, a good thing happened!! Amazing what happens when you just put the puck into a high scoring area. The puck ended up going off the Big Rig’s big foot and into the net, giving him goals in back to back games for the first time since October. McBirthday Point on the play.

Oh but one minute and 55 seconds later:

The line of Reilly Smith, Jordan Marchessault, and Wild Billy Karlsson might be the hottest first line in all of hockey right now, definitely in the Western Conference. That’s Smith’s 12th of the year and it was an absolute beauty. He danced by Connor McDavid (Marchessault with a sneaky little pick there but whatever) which is something that actually never happens, then pulled it around the pick and tucked ‘er in bed upstairs. Nasty.

Then we had a gargantuan brain shit with SIX seconds left in the period, because Oilers:

Plays happen fast but that was Drake’s man who snuck behind him, and their first line burned us again. Wild Billy Karlsson, who now has 23 goals and who is on pace for an absurd 45, crept behind Caggiula (who was subbing for little baby Nuge, who died, and who was so valiantly defended by Zach Kassian) and tucked another one upstairs.

2-1 Golden Knights

3rd Period

Vegas was 16-2-0 when leading after two periods this year and Nuge did not come back so raise your hand if you mailed this game in:

On that note, the Edmonton Oilers surprised us all:

McDavid picked up the puck and took it straight up the ice without anyone going near him (the Vegas’ blue line began backing up the literal moment that the puck touched McDavid’s tape, wise) and after a hot little passing play by the boys, it was a wide open Drake Caggiula who had all day to receive the pass and pick his spot to put it by Fleury. And three and a half minutes into the period, the Oilers had tied the game.

And for the next 16 and a half minutes, Vegas absolutely took it to us. Bombarded us. I rarely saw the puck in their defensive zone. Not to mention the Oilers felt obligated to completely parade to the penalty box all night (six trips to the sin bin in the Sin City). The Knights outshot us 15-6 in the third, but:

And we stole at least one point on the road against the second best team in hockey.

2-2, Connor having to put in extra hours on his birthday smh:


The boys clearly had plans and wanted to put this baby to bed and they did just that:

When you get numbers like that in over time you pretty much have to score or else it’s going back the other way and then people have severe ulcers. Luckily, Darryl is the Oilers current unstoppable force. I wouldn’t have wanted this pass on any other stick right now, including Connor, who’d probably pass it back to Leon anyways. That’s fucking all, folks. Vegas can’t beat us. Happy goddamn birthday, Connor.

3-2 Oilers, final.


All of Edmonton rolling into Vegas for the game like:

6,000 Oilers fans single handedly assisted the local Vegas economy last night, that’s a literal guarantee. I can’t imagine what we did to the Sin City. Yes please, fam.

The most important news of the day:

Thank Christ.

Back to how great of fans we are:

And you all really were. For everyone who went down there, well done. Well fucking done. That was better than anything I had anticipated. You guys were unreal. Also, suck it, Winnipeg.



We’re actually the best. I love us so much. I personally guarantee that every Oilers game in Vegas will sound like this. That’s what we do: we party, and we fucking love our Oilers.

Oh, and we helped them set an attendance record for a hockey game at the T-Mobile Arena:


Hahahaha okay so to put this into perspective, my parents flew down to Vegas a couple weeks ago to watch the Nashville game, and the 50/50 was like $14,000. Edmonton shows up on one Saturday and the 50/50 (51/49) reaches $71,000 I never want to not be us. We’re the greatest of all time.

We’re going to have some wicked playoff games against Vegas this year and in the future.

Milan Lucic: We need to stop taking stupid penalties.

Also Milan Lucic:

Also Milan Lucic again:

That’s four straight games (and five of six) with a minor penalty for Lucic.

I love Connor McDavid so goddamn much.


We the best.

Back to an on-ice note, I think it’s time Connor and Leon stop doing that thing where Connor passes it from the slot to the side of the cage for a Leon one timer. Goalies have figured it out and I’ve noticed Quick, Gibson, Raanta, and now Fleury anticipate the play before it even happened. Last night they tried it twice and both times MAF was already there waiting for the shot. Just shoot, for fuck’s sake. JSFFS.

Back to how awesome we are:

Also of course a couple of Oilers fans took their Vegas wedding to the game, because of course they did, of course:

Hottest Take of the Night

LOOOOOL WELCOME TO BUTTHURT CITY, POPULATION GRAHAM. Also Vegas had 36 shots on net yeah they definitely played terrible last night okay pal, put the glue down.

Also, added to Team Butthurt 2018 is THIS GUY:


It was Darryl again. It had to be Darryl again. Like, Connor was outstanding as always, and Cam brought his 2016-17 game last night, but this was the Nurse show again. He’s playing insane right now. Naturally he’s a restricted free agent at the end of the year, because of course he is. We’re going to spend more than $4 million on five of our six defensemen. Dammit, Petey.


Bellemare gets the rare Grinder of the Game from the visiting team because he took all of the Nurse shot right to his face, put some ice on that b-word, and then came back like nothing happened. I respect the hell out of that.

Bye week, baby!