Morning After Blog: RELIEF

See what happens when we score a goal? Winners, baby. All it took was one goal and then two in the shootout and the Oilers came away with their sixth Pacific Division win of the year, moving us to 6-2 against our own division. And it always feels good to beat Anaheim, who have slowly crept their way into the Oilers like maybe top three or four biggest rivals. Every game against these bums is a chip fest. Ryan Kesler fucking mauls Connor and Leon and doesn’t get called for any of the shit he pulls, because why protects the star players when you can have agitators smothering them like peanut butter on bread? I also watched Hampus Lindholm crosscheck Leon in the back only about six times in one battle in the corner, right in front of the official, and all went without a call. The NHL rule book doesn’t apply to the Ducks for some shit awful reason.

Who cares, we won baby.

1st Period

Literally all Oilers and on top of that, we killed a damn penalty.

But we still didn’t score a goal. That’s 140 minutes and counting.


2nd Period

At one point we were outshooting the Ducks 14-2, and then I blinked, and suddenly the shots were 19-16, meaning that in a span of only like six minutes they had outshot us by a margin of 14-5. Just when we thought we were going to let another dominating first period performance slip away, it was Kris Russell playing the part of hero… because of course it was.

Jesse’s speed essentially made that a fast-break three on one, and gave Connor two options on the dish. In the end, he found Kris, and the Oil had their first goal in 151 minutes and 58 seconds.

The McPoint on the play ended Connor’s first ever three game pointless streak. Looch added the other helper.

1-0 Oilers

3rd Period

And literally seconds in it was Ryan Kesler, public enemy number 1 everywhere in the world.

And of course it was on the power play as well, meaning the Oilers stuck with the status quo and only killed 50% of the penalties at home.

The most exciting part of the third period came when Pistol Petey made an in-game trade, which sent a conditional fourth round pick to Montreal in exchange for injured backup Al Montoya. Al had been having just a terrible year in Montreal before the injury, but Niemi is a huge pile of shit and would have been the waiver casualty instead, so Petey jumped into the Montoya sweepstakes before the bidding wars never began. Still, complain about the asset all you wish, and you’re in your right to do so, but it’s comforting to have a veteran backup for the stretch. LB stinks.



We started OT with a power play, basically for the entire two minutes of the thing too. We didn’t score. We ended OT with about 25 seconds of a power play. We also didn’t score. Might be the first team in NHL history to go 0-2 on power plays in 3-on-3 over time. Jay Woodcroft has a job.


Not going to lie, I was not comfortable with a shootout. We’re not the best shootout team in the world. Need your best players to be good shootout players and to be honest, Connor is not a good shootout player. But that’s why we dealt a key guy like Jussi Jokinen (who actually might have been great in the shootout, now that I think of it). You deal Jokinen to get a star like Cammalleri for exactly these moments:


Nuge finished the job and the Oilers snapped a three game losing streak. Back in the win column baby!!!

2-1 Oilers (SO) final!


Knew we had it in the bag when I got to the game and Jesse was on the cover of the magazine let’s go.

Speaking of Jesse, our power play is absolute useless garbage and we have him playing basically fucking red rover in the slot on PP2. Waste of talent. Get him on the wall and set him up for that patented one timer and do it NOW.

My god Jay Woodcroft had all four centres on PP1 yesterday. Lucic was taking the draws on PP2, I mean, Christ man. That’s Letetsu’s spot and instead he’s still pulling the trigger on PP1 and Jesse is being wasted doing nothing in the high slot on PP2. “Are you smarter than an NHL coach” actually applies to of us here.

Today in “Jesse Fucks”:

1-0 since Google relegated us to the AHL.


Khaira for getting in Bieksa’s kitchen but also Lucic for threatening Vermette’s life and Leon for taking every slash imaginable.


Cam was great but Connor forever.