Puljujarvi Forever

The entire city is basically on the Pool Party bandwagon at this point but this right here… this puts it over the top. Day by day, Jesse is piecing together his legacy as a local icon/hero/role model/pizza connoisseur/one who fucks in this town. It’s like every week he’s doing something to one up something else he’s already done. One week he absolutely abolishes a pizza while simultaneously photobombing the league MVP, one week he attempts to lick his forehead while the cameras pan the bench after a TV timeout, and on Tuesday, while the rest of the boys are in Cabo celebrating their bye week with plenty of vitamin D and vitamin booze, Jesse is parading around Edmonton and showing up at random outdoor rinks to scrimmage with a couple of fellow kids. He is an enigma. A masterpiece. What did we do to deserve such an incredibly spectacular human being? (We lost a whole shit load of hockey games).

Jesse might not be able to spell or say ‘cat’ but he’s already becoming a leader in the community. His play on the ice is already beginning to speak for itself (11 points in 29 games, six less than elite center Sam ‘no chin ups’ Bennett in 16 less games) but he’s taking his talents where other players wouldn’t even consider. You rarely ever see such raw and unsolicited community involvement like Jesse showed this week, from any team in any city. Just a guy who wanted to get out and do the thing he loved while on his week off. He could have went anywhere and yet, this is where he stayed. Edmonton is becoming his home, and this big goofball with a smile that can be seen from the International Space Station getting out and doing what he loves while on a mini vacation proves that both hockey and Edmonton is where his heart is. Somebody get this kid on the first unit power play.

Two more days until puck drop. Jesse forever.