Vegas Fan Sends Letter to Edmonton Journal, Criticizes Oilers Fans’ Rowdiness

Edmonton Journal:

Tuesday’s letters: Ugly Oilers fans wear out welcome in Vegas

Las Vegas is a Hockey Town! Our team has exceeded our expectations. As a city, we are embracing our new team and all that comes with hockey tourism.

To date, we have enjoyed several games and fans from visiting teams (Here’s to you Winnipeg — we had a blast) and win or lose the atmosphere has been good hockey fun.

That changed on Saturday, Jan. 13.

Imagine our surprise when we arrived to our season-ticket seats to find them occupied by Oilers fans from Edmonton who refused to leave our seats.

After we finally got into our seats our section was barraged with the foulest language we have heard at an NHL game and we’re from Pittsburgh so we know a few foul words. When my husband mentioned to the Oilers fan that there were women and children around he was told, in no uncertain words, to — well, I’m sure you get the picture.

The final insults came in the shower of drinks that rained down on us from intoxicated Oilers fans falling down the aisle and from our potty-mouthed “friend” from Edmonton behind us.

Instead of staying for the end of the third period and overtime, we left T-Mobile Arena and promptly gave away our tickets for the upcoming Oilers versus Golden Knights tickets on Feb. 15.

Hockey tourism is wonderful for Las Vegas and the NHL. Being drunken, belligerent, mean people is not good for anyone. Perhaps they thought this was acceptable behaviour because this is Las Vegas. I assure you it is not. I only hope the next time our teams meet, the game is as well played in the stands as it was on the ice.

Amy L. Cercone, Las Vegas

We have a shocking, bye week development to report: Oilers fans — the perennial favourites to lead the league in liquor sales every year — got drunk on a Saturday night… in Las Vegas!

The nerve of those people! We are, indeed, from the city that is currently wondering if our liquor stores are too close to each other. Besides, the rest of Vegas and the Golden Knights staff absolutely praised the Oilers fans in attendance for brining an incredible atmosphere to the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday. So her snarky ass comment about it being as “well played in the stands as it was on the ice” can take a hike. Also, I think every person who has semi-regularly attended a sporting event has had someone in their seats before. You politely show the people your tickets, proving that they are your seats, and the people respectfully leave. It happens ALL the time, Amy. Did you stop to think that maybe those people were from out of town and had never been inside your arena before, and maybe they were lost? Maybe they needed help finding their own seats, you selfish snitch.

First and foremost, what a garbage title by the Edmonton Journal’s “letter” section. “Ugly Oilers fans wear out welcome in Vegas.” A brief skim of that bullshitingly butthurt letter is enough to tell any reader that the title could have easily read: “Vegas couple upset after nearby Oilers fans (allegedly) are mean at hockey game.” Instead, the publication in our own city singled-out the entire fan base. Can somebody tell me what in the hell is wrong with getting Yahtzeed in a City where it’s legal to drink your cold one in a Wal-Mart?! Adding to that, we were watching our team play on Hockey Night in Canada against our division rivals. ON CONNOR’S BIRTHDAY!! If it’s wrong to magically transform into a drunken space cowboy for all of that then I don’t want to be right.

Second, Amy brought this on herself when she gave Winnipeg fans a shoutout at the beginning of her piece. Winnipeg. The NHL’s Ned Flanders. It’s like this attack piece was personally written for and directed at me, and I watched the game from the Crown and Tower in St. Vegas, not the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. I wasn’t even part of this alleged problem. Of course Jets fans were their perfect little selves watching their perfect little team on the road. Those brown-nosing dick nuts.

Third, the people in strong agreement on the Journal’s comment section had an average age of approximately 63, so I’m assuming that’s where Amy is hovering too. Examples:

Absolutely STUNNED that the crowd wasn’t littered to outer space and back at a Lionel Ritchie concert but okay I’ll keep going:

Sure, let’s stereotype an entire city and fan base because one opposing fan complained in a letter (instead of telling security, like a normal concerned attendee would do) that there were a few fans who were ALLEGEDLY belligerent. And then let’s not only instantly buy into said story, but ridicule our own city and our own fans because of it. Jesus Christ.

Fourth, Amy’s probably a little upset and not exactly accustomed to watching the Golden Knights lose at home, and the cherry on top of her shit sundae would have been that she had to watch her hometown Steelers get vacuumed by Blake Bortles the Jacksonville goddamn Jaguars on Sunday. SALTY.

Now I’m not going to pretend like I think that Oilers fans are the most peaceful and polite bunch in the league. Lord knows that ain’t us. We’re loud. We’re vocal. We’re sometimes maybe even a bit obnoxious. And sometimes we even drink beer. And yes, there are definitely Oilers fans who take this a little overboard. And we get rowdy. And louder. And belligerent. And even more obnoxiously cocky about our hockey club. Okay, now then: Does Amy realize that the fucking Raiders are moving to her town?!

And she does also realize that if you go to most, if not all opposing arenas, there will always been a few idiots in the crowd, correct? Have you ever been to a Flames/Oilers game at the Saddledome? Also, as some of you may remember, I flew down to Anaheim for game one of the second round back in April. My buddy and I, covered in Oilers gear, took shit from Ducks fans for standing up and cheering after the Oilers scored. Should I write an attack piece to the Orange County Register about how beer and popcorn were dumped on me by those rowdy Ducks fans at the Honda Center? Never. In fact, at the game, the lady beside me (a Ducks fan) insisted on telling security about the sore-losing hooligans sitting behind me, and I said hell no lady. I actually respected how rattled they were. It was ANAHEIM. It’s like going to a museum and seeing the dinosaurs be unextinct. Imagine how shocked and impressed I was that people down there gave enough of a shit to torment an opposing fan? I’ve also been to Calgary, to Vancouver, to Montreal, to Toronto, to Chicago, to Philadelphia, to Pittsburgh, and to Arizona, and every one of those places had an obnoxious asshole of a fan or many. Yes, even Arizona. That’s sports. That’s fandom. We’re not attending the game to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” in unison. I’m attending to hopefully celebrate my team absolutely goddamn obliteratingly humiliate your team in front of thousands.

And look, there’s a good way to do it and a dickhead way of doing it. You can go and drink and chant and cheer and shout and chant “Let’s Go Oilers!” and argue calls from your seats and be well within your reason as a fan. Don’t pick on kids, naturally. Don’t invade someone else’s space with your drunk ass breath because we all don’t want that, opposing fans and our fans alike. And try not to be obnoxiously and permanently vulgar out of respect for not knowing the beliefs and religious views of the people around. Don’t be stupid or intentionally ignorant, but everybody is allowed to have their own fun, and as a normal and reasonable adult human being if you say “fuck” a few times in a conversation with your buddy (ex: Fuck Peter Chiarelli for his stupid minded idiotness) I think that falls under the fair and acceptable category. Hell, we sometimes LOUDLY chant “Bullshit!” after the refs blow a call. Amy here would spontaneously combust if she watched a game at the Rog and Tim Peel ignored a blatant infraction on Connor McDavid for the third time in the period.

Point is, it’s a different animal at sporting events. I get that Vegas has only had minor league baseball since the XFL left, but at professional sports games, you will sometimes get really passionate and vocal fans. That’s the truth, whether you’re willing to accept it or not. If you’re going to the game expecting a very conservative atmosphere by the spectators and a perpetually child-friendly atmosphere in a facility holding 18,000+ people, some of whom might have even consumed alcohol (!!!), then you’re at the wrong event. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. You can’t possibly expect to put that many people into one place and expect everyone to be on their gosh darn best behaviour. Hell, there’s maybe a 20 per cent chance that during a game, one of the players will drop an f-bomb so loud that the people in the bleeders will hear him. Are you going to write a letter to the team chastising the hockey player for being a human? (Actually, she probably would). This is Earth, Amy. People are going to drop f-bombs and they won’t intuitively care who hears it. Go to your nearest Target and buy a thicker pair of skin, please and thank you. Or maybe ask security to monitor the situation instead of ridiculing us from 2,300 kilometers away.

And besides, if we’re going to swap fan base stories, let’s have a look at what we had to say about your perfect little people:

That last one’s my favourite because it’s accompanied by proof, a video showing everyone from the first to fifth row shoving the double bird at the Oil as we celebrated the OT win. Sad!

PS – We literally won everything in Vegas: