Morning After Blog: Connor (2), Leon (2), Yak (0), Jesse (:O)

Same, Jesse. That’s the second time in two games that the Oilers have blown a 2-0 lead, only this time, we got our shit back together and won it in OT. Wins might feel pretty useless at this stage of the season, but I’ll take #happyConnor over #fallinforDahlin or anything else of that nature, and Connor was all smiles after this one. Our goal for the rest of the season should not be to lose as many games as possible; our goal should be to keep Connor McDavid upbeat and confident in this team’s ability to come back next season and replicate what we did in 2016-17 (under new management). I’m on board for that.

But also if we do get Rasmus Dahlin that’d be fun too.

1st Period

No goals but we out shot the Avs by about one billion and we had this awesome Jesse moment after he missed an open cage:

Jesse forever.


2nd Period

Leon 3:29: And then Leon said, “Let there be me doing all the work”:

Baaaaaaah gawd. We went through three different Avs. Nathan MacKinnon: dead. Mikko Rantanen: toast. Gabriel Landeskog: smell ya. The rest of the Oilers:

That was pretty awesome. McPoint on the play. Let’s do it again:

Hard work by JP and Letestu down low led to our second of the night. Zack Kassian now has four more goals than Milan Lucic in 2018.

2-0 Oilers… wait:

With literally seconds left in the period, Sam Girard launched a missile by Cam Talbot, who was screened by no less than four bodies on the shot.


3rd Period

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Oilerz!

Two goals in about 40 seconds over the span of two different periods. We were up 2-0 with one minute left in the 2nd period. It was 2-2 one minute into the 3rd. Oilerz!


OT (game over)

Only one team (Tampa) has less Bettman points than our boys. This is where we thrive. Case and point: Leon Draisaitl may have prematurely ended the career of Sammy Girard:

Annnnnd Filthy McNasty’s just re-opened in Edmonton. What a game by Leon, WOW.

3-2 Final.


Even though the season is over and with 20 games left we’re on auto-pilot until the lottery, it’s still nice to pick up a few points. So, as tradition dictates dance:

OOOOO kill em, Red Teletubby!

Maybe the thing I’ll miss the most about not being in the playoffs this year, other than the obvious lack of Connor time, is not being able to take part in any Ford Hall Dance Parties. Devastating.

Leon Draisaitl had the best game of his season. He was dominant. I’d still love to see him do that on his own line for an extended period of time, but wow that was fun to watch. Vintage Connor and Leon.

We’re now up to 71 McPoints and 27 McGoals on the year. He’s two points behind little Johnny for second (with two games in hand). He’s nine back of Kucherov with 22 game sto go (obtainable). He’s also three goals shy of his career high so ya, giddy up.


How many games has it been since Milan Lucic last scored?

Drake Caggiula is floating at a 0.28 points/game pace this year, which is just slightly above Johann Auvitu’s 0.27 clip. Maybe Auvitu should get a look on Connor’s wing, too.

Scott Moir would make a great Oilers fan I’m just saying.

Peter Chiarelli had the most hilarious press conference today, but I won’t write about it on here. Nope. Unintentional humour like what he gave us today deserves to have an entire blog dedicated to it.


Scotty Moir, honourary Oilers fan, for what was probably a top 10 ferocious hangover he had to wake up to yesterday (today?).


The Deutschland Dangler.