Morning After Mini Blog: The NHL and its referees are a goddamn trash heap

The season, summed up in one gif:

That’s Graham Skilliter, a professional hockey referee who is paid and employed by the NHL to officiate a hockey game with the utmost integrity, obliviously watching from about two feet away as Evander Kane laid the most obvious boarding hit of the season on good St. Albert boy, Matty Benning. As Matt laid on the ground collecting the remainder of his limbs, Kane proceeded to drive into the open and rifled a shot that was deflected in front, leading to the then-tying goal and the official turning point of this game. It blows my brains away. Seriously. I can’t fathom how idiotic and self-ignorant this league has become. It’s an absolute fucking joke. That’s a legitimate dangerous play which could have easily been whistled for five but instead was not whistled at all and then San Jose scored about 1.4 seconds after. And lest we forget that back in December, Dmitry Kulikov took a full steam run at Leon’s knee to the point where he nearly blew it up like it was Barry Bonds’ skull, and the only penalty on the play was called on Jujhar Khaira for putting his hands on top of the knee-assassin’s back.

And maybe there should have been a retaliation by the Oil on the play. Hell, if someone would have went and jumped Evander “I beat up my own teammates at practice” Kane immediately after the hit, they for sure wouldn’t have scored (of course, it would have had to have been *IMMEDIATELY* after the hit, considering the puck went in while Benning’s upper back was still temporarily relocated next to his left hip). Ty Rattie was the closest one to both Kane and the hit, and he had a clear view of the play and a clear lane to the player. By no means am I suggesting Ty Rattie should have dropped the mitts with Evander Kane as I feel like the kid values being alive, but this would have been a good time for the new guy to show us he has a pulse considering a) Pontus Aberg and Iiro Pakarinen have clearly outplayed him, and b) the other players on the ice at the time included $8.5 million Leon Draisaitl and 114-year-old Michael Cammalleri. If Rattie even pins Kane into the boards, or does something that causes a whistle and that could have potentially taken both he and Kane into the box on coincidentals, it at least shows he is there. I have barely noticed the dude since he’s been up with the team apart from the obvious Griffin Reinhart PTSD I suffer every time I see #8 on the ice, and he could have done something that both defended his teammate and prevented a goal on the play. Instead, he did nothing. Story of his sporadic NHL career.


Same, Mr. Darryl.

It’s normally never a bad thing when Connor and Jesse score in the same game but when the entire team disappears for roughly 30 consecutive minutes on an 8:30 local time puck drop then ya, that’s a little rough to watch.

I liked Aberg. Even before he made the nice play on my boy Jesse’s goal, I thought Pontus was having a strong game. He’s certainly not a top six forward by any stretch, but I thought he definitely adds some useful speed (opposed to useless speed, cc: Drake Caggiula) in the bottom six. Hands around the net need some work, but if anyone can fix that, it’s our next head coach. He now has one more primary assist with the Oilers than Milan Lucic has in all of 2018.

How long has it been since Milan’s last goal?


What a fucking gloriously hot take. There were two characters on this play: Connor McDavid, a man Mark Spector once called a turnover machine, and a man Mark Spector once praised for literally skating to the net on a two-on-one. Say what you will about Lucic not scoring since the Middle Pleistocene, but at least he never skated to the corner or hung back in the neutral zone on an odd man rush with the best player in hockey.

As you can expect, this tweet went over sensationally well with the fan base:

Of course, by rule of law, there always has to be at least one person in Edmonton who drinks the Kool-Aid:

The Flames got shutout by Dallas and we didn’t help them out at all, so it wasn’t all terrible.

That’s 28 goals for Connor. He’s going to score more goals and might get more points than he did last year when we was the MV-fucking-P and we’re going to miss the playoffs by 40 points.

Hottest Take of the Night

Might have found the only person more oblivious than the referees:

Dude fell overrrrrrrrrr watch the replayyyyyy dudeeeeeeeeee surfs upppppppppppppppp brooooooooooooo shred it.

Fuck you Jakob, you suck and you know it.


Right, so neither of these two have watched any Oilers games this year, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Particularly, ZeonChar, whose head has disappeared so far up his own asshole that it’s about to be annexed by his stomach. Just because it was him? HA! Good one, Randy. If anything, Connor probably knew it wouldn’t be called, just because it was him. Now crawl back into your shanty, you Muppet.

Gator’s Grinder

Maybe the most obvious Gator’s Grinder of the year. Matt Benning. St. Albert forever.


It was Connor because of course it was Connor. Imagine being the reigning MVP and being forced to play with a player who hasn’t scored in the calendar year because your GM traded all the good wingers we had, including the one winger who shall remain nameless but who may or may not but definitely does have points in 22 consecutive games YA BUT DOES HALL DRIVE THE NET ON TWO-ON-ONES?!

What ends first? Hall’s point streak, or Lucic’s goalless streak?