Should The Oilers Trade for Josh Leivo?

This, from Saturday:

And today, Leivo spoke to the media about his request:

Should the Oilers make a play for Leivo? Who is Josh Leivo, you may ask? Well, Josh is a 24-year-old winger who has been intentionally left out of Toronto’s lineup for almost two years because Mike Babcock reasons. Over the last three seasons, Leivo has tallied 1.9 primary pts/60. Last year, the dude had 10 points in 13 games. This year, Leivo sits fourth for forwards in team SF/60 (behind Kapanen, Marner, and Bozak) while also having the second best SA/60 (behind only Kapanen). His individual shots for/60 is 8.25, and to put that into perspective, Auston Matthews’ iSF/60 is 8.61… so, ya. In English: here’s a dirt cheap winger who has produced with minimal ice time and can play in the top six and loves to shoot the puck. Bah Gawd, it’s like a cheat code for fulfilling some of the Oilers’ needs. It actually physically hurts me to think that it’s been two full days since he’s asked for the trade and he still isn’t on McDavid’s left wing. Not to mention that acquiring Leivo could finally mean that we get to complete my personal lifelong (almost two year) quest to take Drake Caggiula and permanently remove him from both the PP1 and the first line FOREVER.

Apparently all the Leafs (sic) are looking for in the deal is a modest 5/6 defenseman, or a mid-to-late round pick. Either way, they’re not looking for anything huge in this deal. Normally this is the part where I’d say that this all but guarantees Petey will trade Oscar Klefbom for Josh Leivo (the trade is one for one) but this is actually Peter’s wheelhouse. The only thing that mother fudging General Disappointment is capable of is pulling the string on small but still meaningful trades. The Iceman. Kassassin. The Big Rig. Those are not blockbuster deals that saw Peter Chiarelli surprisingly not get humiliatingly owned afterwards. Therefore, Peter, you incompetently dysfunctional nincompoop, if you want to start fixing the problem without blowing this team into a million shreds, use that little bald head of yours just one time and add Josh Leivo to the list of those three previously mentioned names. And goddammit with Drake Caggiula and/or Mike Cammalleri on line one. Enough of that. Give me Leivo, McDavid, and Pool Party on line one for the rest of this year and let’s go.