Weekend After Blog: Blew It Twice, Still Won Both Games. Letestu Gone. Maroon Gone Too.

Okay, so that was fun and also wasn’t any fun at all. This weekend, the Oilers successfully became the first time in NHL history to completely fucking blow it two times in a row and still win both games (Elias Sports). In both games, we were up by two goals with less than 22 seconds left. In both games, we gave up two goals in those final TWENTY-TWO FUCKING SECONDS because of our utter inability to win a faceoff, get puck control, and clear our zone. Absolutely preposterous. Inexcusable. We snuck away from the first game thanks to winning our first successful coach’s challenge since Todd McLellan was born. Goaltending interference activist Cam Talbot celebrated accordingly:

Then yesterday we had a finished that was not only deja vu from the night before, but also sent a tidal wave of playoff PTSD over the entire city. Just an absolute meltdown of epic proportions in Anaheim for the second time in nine months. We played a near-perfect game for 59 minutes and 38 seconds and then BAM, we went full Oilerz. Luckily, Ryan Miller might honestly be the worst goalie in the NHL. Those would have been two entertaining and yet simultaneously horrifying wins if we were anywhere near the playoffs, which we are not. We’ve won three straight games and all that’s done for us is put us two points behind the Rangers, a team that publically declared their intentions on blowing everything up and rebuilding approximately one month ago.

I should also mention that I am taking multi-tasking to an entirely new level right now. I am writing this blog while also doing the job that I’m literally paid to do, all while listening to TSN’s live stream of the deadline. Thankfully, this will be the last week that I’m obnoxiously busy (for a while, anyways). All Oilers after Thursday, just in time for the final leg of the Tour de Playoff Elimination. This will hopefully be my last Weekend After Blog and I’ll resume more full time duties after the next four days kick my absolute ass. Let’s go.

A couple things went down this weekend and I’ll briefly discuss them before I resume my normal activities:

1. We won a game in LA

Bah gawd.

That’s our first win at the Staples Center since 2011, a year where The King’s Speech won Best Picture, Toy Story 3 won Best Animated Picture, Apple released the iPhone 4, and Milan Lucic was in the beginning stages of his goalless streak.

2. We won a coaches challenge

The only thing more shocking than winning a game in LA was winning a coaches challenge. Todd has a horrific record when it comes to challenging plays, and particularly, goaltender interference. That rule has not been kind to the Edmonton Oilers hockey club. So much so that Dad of the Year, the Iceman, let out about 18 months worth of sleep deprived frustration in a profanity-laced post-game rant of epic proportions after a loss to the Arizona Coyotes. Monkey off our backs.

3. Mark Letestu for Pontus Aberg

The first of two inevitable dominos fell yesterday morning when Mark Letestu was shipped to Nashville en route to Columbus for Pontus Aberg. After a quite 2016=17 regular season, Aberg had a strong showing in the playoffs for the Finals bound Predators, putting up two goals and five points in 16 games. Bigger things were expected out of the 24-year-old Aberg this season, but the results just haven’t been there. He has two goals this year, and this was one of them:

Of course he scored against us. His eight points in 37 games puts his points per game total between Matt Benning and the guy we traded Taylor Hall for. And unfortunately for Pontus, he is not Canadian, therefore I don’t know what his ice time will look like given that Drake Caggiula has that on his resume over the kid out of Stockholm. I expect that Aberg, Slepy, and Jesse will battle for limited ice time every night while Caggiula and Lucic continue aboard the free ride express.

4. The Big Rig to New Jersey for not Taylor Hall

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this because it deserves its own blog. But oh boy do I have some shit to say about this.

5. A near catastrophic collapse of epic proportions again, this time in Anaheim

It’s as if we don’t learn anything from anything we’ve ever done. Peter makes a bad trade, he makes more bad trades. The OEG has a terrible idea for Octane, they give us Hunter instead. Rexall Place has small hallways, Rogers doubles down with miniature bathrooms for ants. We can’t get anything right. So naturally, less than 24 hours after a monumental collapse in Los Angeles, the Oilers went down the freeway and tried to do the exact same thing against Anaheim. Only this time, Anaheim did in fact tie the game up. In the end, however, we out-Connor’d them, and McDavid’s three points plus the shootout winner turned out to be just enough to get the Oilers a win. Next, we’ll ask him to literally carry the world for us.

Annnnnd I’m done with the games because I have to get working on the Maroon blog because I clearly haven’t spent enough time thinking about these shit bags today.