Idiot douche-bros Snap themselves heckling McDavid and his family, I want names


First of all, what’s up? After a brief hiatus to get caught up on a whole mess of shit, I’m officially back. I’m starring down the barrel of free time and I’m excited to crank out a ton of blogs over the course of the remainder of this dismal season. Lot of shit happened over the weekend and I’ll be touching on that later (put Nicholson into Chiarelli and McLellan’s cannon and fire them all to Jupiter’s moons). But this takes priority. These imbecilic, dreadful, unfunny boxes of scum need to be dealt with, and I want to be the one that hands out their sentencing.

In the last week, Connor’s had to face both playing with the corpse of Milan Lucic and an apocalyptic blizzard in fucking March on top of dealing with a season in which Peter Chiarelli took a nuke the size of a small country and dropped it onto our franchise, and now he’s got these dickheads harassing him as he’s leaving some establishment with his family. If you can somehow listen past the most preposterous, hyena laugh, you’ll hear one particular sack of assholes doing the majority if not all of the heckling. And I am furious.

The normal punishment for this unprecedented level of bullshit should be permanent banishment from the city, but I’m offering something better. I am personally extending an invitation for that fraud heckling fuck to get in the ring with me at Barstool’s next Rough n’ Rowdy event. This is not a threat. I’m not challenging this dude to a fight on the street or at a park or anything. It’s an offer. I’m simply inviting him to a legal boxing match in which he will be in one corner and I will be in the other where we can legally box against each other so I can legally punch him in the face multiple times. You stupid, ignorant, dumb fuck. He’s not only paraded his douchebaggery around the McDavids, but he’s now sat back and watched as out-of-town sites picked his shitty video up and made the world know that there are, in fact, people in Edmonton who are stupid enough to actually harass Connor McDavid. Everybody’s already saying how we don’t deserve Connor and now they’ll be grouping the rest of us in with the meatheads that represent 0.01% of our fan base because the fucking hyena thought this was the funniest thing since the first season of MXC.

So if you know this mouth breathing fart sucker then send him my offer. It’ll forever stand. Barstool runs this event like four times a year and I’m good for whenever. I will not tolerate this bullshit. Not here. Not ever. Let’s go.


PS – Someone will inevitably be the asshole that says “blah blah he makes millions he can take this.” No. No to infinity and back. If you pay dollars to go to Rogers Place and watch the Oil get hammered and you want to chirp and heckle any player (including Connor) then you’re well within your limits. I’ll still hate you for saying anything to my captain, but that’s your right as a paying spectator. But harassing him and his family, or any player for that matter, while they’re in public? That’s way beyond the line. There is nothing cool about that at all, you unfunny fucks. These players are real people who want to escape the arena without being annoyed, harassed, or embarrassed by some douche-bros trying to get a couple of likes on Facebook.