Organization “not pleased” with Aberg for “reasons beyond his play”

What a colossal dump of a season. Here I am interrupting my semi-regular break on a goddamn Tuesday because this organization has found yet another way to be laughed at during a season in which everyone is already laughing at us. Pontus Aberg has apparently found himself in the organization’s dog house just 23 days into his Oilers career, proving that a new fourth liner* (*top six forward, because Oilers) can in fact become a disturbance in a much shorter period than it takes Milan Lucic to score a goal. The best part? Todd’s standing in front of the camera being all Mr. Tough Guy going “Oh ya we’re unpleased he’s a bad person everybody hates him” and then immediately rewards him with top six minutes:

If Todd’s bias towards Jesse wasn’t clear before, it certainly goddamn is now. We’ve been told ALL FUCKING SEASON that Jesse needs to earn his minutes and he won’t be gifted anything and that his play will dictate his position in the line up, and not five minutes after Todd flays the skin off Aberg we see that he is still, indeed, playing ahead of Jesse Puljujarvi in the lineup. I’m sorry, but what about Pontus Aberg’s player other than ‘he’s not a loveable goofball who has a missile of a right handed shot’ has been more deserving of a role in the top six over the guy who willingly chose to spend his bye week at the outdoor rink with local kids? The man who day in and day out has worked his pizza-loving ass off just to beg for nine minutes per night playing with some of the worst offensive players in the Western Conference. You better believe Aberg be on the power play over Jesse too. Even other players on the active roster can see this illogically asinine bias towards Jesse:

That’s the very first time I’ve ever liked Drake Caggiula. Guy’s been gifted a role he doesn’t deserve like he’s fucking Ivanka Trump but at least he’s cognizant enough to realize it. McLellan has no idea. He doesn’t have a damn clue how much we laugh in purely unsolicited agony every time he puts the lineup out. The season was over before Martin Luther King Day and instead of giving our blue chip prospect who is begging for confidence any sort of meaningful minutes for the final like 10 games of the year he exiles him on a line with two guys who have six combined goals in the last 36 games, basically dispunging any hope that JP’s marvellous right handed fucking bazooka would receive an actual look on the power play between now and the goddamn lottery draft.

Hilariously, because Oilerz, Todd could have EASILY come out of this season looking like the good guy. The season was lost when that bald headed turbo imbecile willingly made this team worse in the summer, and if that wasn’t clear by the end August it certainly was clear by fucking Halloween. All Friggin’ Todd had to do was give a blue chip prospect like Jesse a meaningful look both 5v5 and on the power play, stop kissing all 230 lbs of Milan’s Neanderthalic ass, make rational coaching decisions in the final two minutes of a close game, and played Connor McDavid with players who do not shut him down better than any opposing player in the Show. That’s it. THAT’S IT. That’s all this unbelievably moronic nincompoop had to do and the fans probably would have went, “meh, Todd deserves a better roster.” Instead, he intentionally fucked everything else up – the like maybe two things on this team that weren’t already fucked up to begin with. Connor might not win MVP but he definitely deserves an award just for playing with the literal boat anchors he’s played with for about 80% of the year,. And the proof is in whatever shit pudding we’re about to be served tonight. Whatever Pontus Aberg did or did not do (and truthfully, I don’t give a fuck) it certainly wasn’t worth demoting him in favour of the 2016 fourth overall pick, a man who does the opposite of pissing off his teammates. God forbid we do the one thing we could still maybe salvage for the remainder of this hellishly nightmarish season. Somebody put me in an alcohol-induced coma.

PS – What’s the over/under on shots against tonight? Does Carolina hit the half-century mark?