GDB Bruins (4-2-0) @ Oilers (2-2-0): Welcome to the Thunderdome, it’s Rog Mahal Time

Finally. Home.

And I’m not talking about the bottom of the standings.

After 15 days of regular season NHL hockey, the Edmonton Oilers are finally destined to play their home opener. The last home opener of the 2018-19 NHL season. Fresh off the McMiracle in Manitoba, Connor’s Crew have returned to the Rog Mahal and the Thunderdome is ready for their arrival. And Katz, barring no expense, is bringing out the big guns:

A) That’s not the Derrick, and B) Yes, the Oilers will be skating under a model Walterdale Bridge, because of goddamn course they will. The Walterdale Bridge, when you really break it down, is the perfect avatar for Katz’s Edmonton Oilers: an over-budget rebuild that was a good idea in theory but ended up being years behind schedule because of improper management. No idea if this will be a year-round thing or if it’s just for the home opener but at least I finally see what the money from the Gryba buyout went into. It’s nice. I’m sure it will look cool on the ice. It’s just not the Derrick. I love the Derrick. Never forget the time it almost killed the entire bench. RIP you beautiful hunk of metal.

To quote the legendary Ari Gold: “It’s game day, baby. Wake the fuck up.”

Happy Home Opener Day, let’s go.

Tonight’s Opponent

Boston Bruin IT WAS A HOME RUN!


Disgusting. The city of Boston, goddammit. They’re going to win three championships this year because God is secretly a Masshole from Southie named Coley McCallahan.

All Time Record

*Updates one more GP and one more loss from one week ago*

76 23 44 6 3


Record at the Rog Mahal

2 2 0 0 0


Our Lineup

Drake is out tonight, which I’m perfectly okay with, despite his unexpectedly unexpected recent success, because PDO is one helluva drug. Toby slides into his place.

Toby hasn’t done shit this year but this is his first opportunity in the top six and he’s playing with his fellow countryman plus a guy who pretty much perpetually fucks.

I like that top six, real talk.

Nuge and Connor are both fresh off four point performances (they added an assist to Nuge from the Winnipeg game, much to the delight of one of my fantasy teams). People seriously underestimate how good Nuge really is. He’s just getting warmed up with Connor, too. If Leon continues to produce at an alarmingly low rate you almost have to move him to the wing and let Nuge try to center him. I hope it doesn’t come to that. I’m very much all aboard the Connor McNugent-Hopkins express.

No idea if Kass or Chiasson will fill Drake’s void. Chiasson hasn’t played a second this year so I’d almost rather see him. Who knows, maybe he’s the necessary ingredient this team needs to because a successfully tasty pot of soup. Imagine we’ve had him in the press box this entire time not knowing that? I want to believe. Let’s say Kass gets it anyways because he’s been here longer.


Nothing official but we do know Benning and Bouchard will draw back in. It makes no sense to run a LS-LS RS-RS second and third pair, respectively, so I imagine Todd will shake the pairs to look something like what I have above. Benning and Nurse were an unequivocal disaster over the first two games, so giving Bouchard a look with Nurse is understandably a better option. The third pair is, well. It’s better than Jason Garrison, let me tell you. St. Albert forever.

Iceman cometh.

Bruins Lineup

They didn’t skate because they got their shit kicked by Calgary last night. Here’s what Bruce Cassidy said:

Halak is 9-3-2 all time against the Oilers, and 1-0 this year. Terrific.

Why We’ll Win

Look at this beautiful mutant:

That flow belongs in a museum. Connor can’t do it all but also he sort of can, so just think about what would happen if like 1/3rd of the rest of the team also contributed.

Auston’s little lead will not be enough. He tried to strength the gap, but Connor’s too fast and he’s about to catch him probably by the end of the weekend and we all know it’s true. Three defensemen died just trying to stop Connor from catching up (RIP Jake Trouba and Zdeno Chara and that idiot from the Rangers).

Speaking of Chara, he has been reincarnated and will try to slow down the McMachine once again tonight. And I will be there to watch it. I look forward to watching that old ogre get turned into dust for the second time in a week.

Connor has 30 goals in his last 37 games dating back to last year. Freak. If he averages 10 a game over the next two he’ll tie Gretzky.

Today in Peter

Why does this conversation even happen? Could you imagine Petey trying to orchestrate a deal with Kyle Dubas?!


The boys just saved themselves some boos during the home opener. The increasingly hostile environment here in the Thunderdome was temporarily put on hold following the McMiracle in Manitoba. What a 180 in mood. Many of us wanted to stuff this team into Bartolo Colon’s toilet after the second period of Tuesdays game but *checks standings* we’re only like four points back of a playoff spot WITH GAMES IN HAND ON EVERYONE so like let’s fucking go?

The crowd will be loud.

The energy will be flowing almost as brilliantly as Connor’s flow.

I will have Rog Mahal cold ones.

Connor with a nonchalant three points.

Jesse with two fucks.

Iceman with a 31 save performance.

Oilers win 5-2.

It’s game day, baby.

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