Oilers Anonymous: A safe place for Oilers fans to vent their frustration

Oilers Anonymous (OA) is a safe place for Oilers fans to share their beliefs, opinions, and thoughts, all while remaining completely anonymous. It’s kind of like texting OilersNow except you can say like shit and fuck and dicks and really express your darkest thoughts about this hockey club. Or you can choose a positive approach and say what makes you feel good about our current state. It could be something they’ve done recently, or in the past, or what you are excited for/terrified of thinking ahead to the future. Maybe you’re bothered by something an out-of-town media dickhead has said about the team, or maybe it’s the local media sparing some rhetorical dipshittery and you want to talk about it with your peers. Maybe you’re sick of hearing about what fucking goddamn coat Auston Matthews wore before he scored two goals against a C-level defense and why that makes him better than McDavid. That’s the beauty of this. It’s totally up to you! I encourage you to write a comment. Or respond to a stranger who feels the same way. Remember: You’re not alone. We’re all in this together. One love, Oilers Culture.

I’m crushed by this start. Straight up. I’m not going to lie. I know it’s two games. I know it’s early. But Christ. For me, it’s about much more than two games. It’s the by-product of about 12 consecutive dismissive seasons. We’re only 0-2 but we’re also one season removed from missing the playoffs with a 108 point MVP-caliber player, and nine seasons removed from the official rebuild announcement, and five years removed from the “it’s only year four” letter. It’s the result of allowing the men responsible for the Edmonton Oilers to Mark Sanchez this team directly into a butt. What’s worse is this year was supposed to be different. They doubled down on their belief that last year was an anomaly by rolling basically the same unit, coach, system, and management staff as last season’s utterly embarrassing result. And it hasn’t looked great so far, because despite what was now an incredibly a misleading preseason, the Oilers have successfully managed to become the only thing in October more disappointing than Venom. I’m looking directly at the man who has doubled and then tripled down on his efforts to make this team his own. In April, he talked about having a plan. In his ridiculous second period interview with Gene, Peter said that part of the mindset behind going to Europe was to allow the team bond. Let them start the season as a group and come together, embodied by togetherness, opposed to sitting on the frustrations that birthed from last season’s idiotic result. Have some fun! Have a taste of the glory!

That bonding experiment, like Peter’s plan, was perhaps a fugazi.

Oh his relationships are good alright. I’m sure they love picking up the phone and calling Peter.

Anyways. This sucks. I hate it. I want to win. I’d like to play more than two games. I’d like a decent sample size before I completely explode. I want to still believe in the lineup, because I’m a goddamn sucker and, like Peter and Todd, I refuse to learn from my previous mistakes. And that’s why I’m here, at the creation of my very own “Oilers Anonymous” where I hope other fans will come and vent or share whatever it is they’re feeling, good or bad, throughout the season. Maybe it’ll be once a week, or bi-weekly, or monthly. I don’t know. I do think that sharing our personal feelings and experiences together could be beneficially therapeutic as we embark on yet another season under the Chia-Nicholson-McLellan regime.

PS – I have no idea how this is going to go. It will either be an unmitigated disaster or a huge success. Either or, doesn’t matter. I needed to try this out. I have too much love for all my Oilers fans to let them go through a season of anger complimented by only OilersNow and the fucking Cult of Hockey. If you choose to speak up, great! If not, that’s cool too. I’ll continue to sit here, blogging my fingers off, trying to comprehend why this franchise has developed an allergy to success. Godspeed.

Update: Of course the goddamn comments are working. I’ll try to fix these but honestly it’s been a minute since I’ve ran anything other than Facebook comments. That’s one point for ‘unmitigated disaster’! Alternatively, you could email shanny@emptynetsports.com and I will publish some of the submissions in the next OA blog.