Oilers @ Predators LIVE GDB

Going to try something different today. Instead of cranking out a full GDB while simultaneously trying to study, I’ll do a live blog instead. This blog will update periodically, mostly as things happen during the game. I’ll do my best to get real time updates on goals, big plays, McMagic, etc. Let’s go, baby.

PS – Obviously I went double or nothing on my bet with Teeps (from last weekend, which I clearly lost). I made this new bet A) Forgetting that Koskinen was starting, and B) Without knowing that Benning and Garrison were the 5-6. I still believe. 5-3 Oilers. Connor with five.

1st Period


Welcome to the Oilers here’s an immediate preview of our defense!

Benoit Pouliot still haunting the team from miles away just call it the Curse of the Pou.



And on the 53rd shot, God said: “Let there be a goal on Saros!” CAGGIULA TAKETH AWAY, CAGGIULA GIVETH!:

This is me saying good things about the Drake. Write this in the history books.

FUCK YES DRAKE let’s go baby. Screws up a 2-on-1, scores five seconds later anyways. *swish*

Guys Mikko is actually playing kind of good what is this witchcraft?!

1st Period Thoughts

Actually a pretty solid period of hockey. Koskinen looking very good *knocks wood* (John Shannon thinks he’s playing good because he’s playing against another Finn hahaha John). PK is 2/2. Ryan Strome took that dumbass penalty but we were able to kill it then immediately score a goal after it ended, which I quite enjoyed. Haven’t beat the Preds since the Middle Pleistocene but have to feel good about that first period. Suck my ass, Teeps.

Oh also happy Halloween weekend I would enjoy a spooky three or more points from McDavid get me over that 16 mark so I can bury celebratory Halloween cocktails tonight #AustonWatch is very much on.

2nd Period


AUSTON WATCH DOWN TO ONE POINT and that’s another PP point for Leon Draisaitl:

Nice one toucher by Looch too and we’re heading right back to the power play because Nashville can’t control their sticks.

Nashville singing “Friends in Low Places” was pretty awesome though. ALSO WE’RE ALL OVER THEM!

“JeSsE nEeDs To EaRn HiS iCeTiMe” as Strome’s power play turnover leads to a Predators’ odd man rush. *sips coffee*

Ya I have opinions about Kris Russell and blocked shots, and they’re not exactly positive opinions. But say/think what you want, it takes an absolute psychotic passion to do what he does. He legit almost blocked this shot with his face:

And dammit if I don’t respect that a lot. Mother fucking warrior, baby. Would still happily incinerate his contract with a blowtorch, but those are an iron pair of balls on that bull rider’s son.

Forsberg gets one on a Nashville power play that was given to them because Jason Garrison decided to randomly cross check someone in the face.




*What’s happening is #AustonWatch is red alert right now because Connor now has:

16 McPOINTS BABY! Give him seven goals now too. We’re one period away from beating Nashville for the first time since 2014 HOLD ONTO YOUR FUCKING BUTTS!

3-1 (OH BABY) Oilers!

2nd Period Thoughts


Literally hyperventilated when they cut back from the Forsberg goal and showed Connor four feet in front of Saros then one NANOSECOND later he buried his seventh of the year. I’m so drunk on Connor this year. He has a point in eight of our nine games. He’s carrying this team to the promise land ON HIS OWN. I will name all my kids Connor.

Not saying anything about Koskinen until the end of the game because, well, I really would like to not jinx this.

Jason Garrison, relative to the rest of his peers, is a very bad hockey player.

Evan Bouchard’s being interviewed right now and I swear to god that man is in his mid 30s. I was all for sending him back early on but dammit if that means more of Garrison then hell, I just don’t know. At least give me Bear if the Bouchman is going back.

3rd Period


Leon’s got it GOIN’ ON:

And coincidentally, we’re winning. Though we just gave it right back, because hell.

But I’ll take one more McPoint to finish this thing off okay sure.

YO WE ARE ON OUR HEELS RIGHT NOW please god Roman Josi just broke the post. That sound gave me CTE.

*hang onto your butts, pt. 2*

Nashville (best team in the NHL) with that wise analytical strategy to pull the goalie with ~4 minutes left in a two goal game, while on the power play. Forsberg’s shot is disgusting. Inject a McEmptyNetter into my neck.


The things that happen when things go your way, baby!


5-3 Oilers, final.

Final Thoughts


Two game winning streak and two games over .500 for the first time since April, 2017?

OH BABY that one felt good. Fasth was the last Oilers goalie to win against Nashville and you better believe Bryzgalov was the winning goalie the last time we beat the Predators in Nashville (!!!)!! BRYZ!

This is karma for PK Subban taking my goddamn spot at the Pint last Saturday. I show up ready to dump BUCKETS of money because I just watched Nashille shut us out for what felt like the billionth time in a row, and my Mecca let a Nashville Predator into my spot?! Excuse me? You think the Knicks let Celtics fans sit in Spike’s seat when he’s away from MSG? Of course they don’t. It’s been a week and I’m still not over this blatant display of disrespect, but this win helped a lot real talk. Fuck PK Subban with the lyrics of every one of those dumbass Nashville crowd songs.

Oh no:

On October 15th, 2018, Auston Matthews had an 11 point lead on Connor McDavid. On October 27th, 2018, only TWELVE (12) days later, Connor caught him. I knew we’d catch him, but even I didn’t think it’d be this fast. Can AuStOn get his first point in three games tonight? Don’t know. Don’t care. Next stop: Rantanen. We’re coming for you, idiot.

I needed that Connor empty netter more than you can imagine. It had fantasy implications as well. He was trying very hard to return the favour for Nuge after the Washington game. Wish he would have just said ah fuck it and hammered it into the pen cage, for real. But Connor’s a captain, and has more leadership in his right earlobe than I’ve had in my entire life. Therefore, even though I wanted his McSeventeenth point, I tip my hat to the captain for being the unselfish super-mutant that he is. O’ Captain my Captain.

Zack Kassian maybe shouldn’t be in the lineup that much. I’m like a lot of you, trust me. I miss the days when Zack would be out there wrecking havoc with the only pair of eyes crazier than Gritty:

And I wish he could go back to 2016-17 Zack, out there bulldozing opposition players while maintaining a defensive responsibility and creating chances in the opposite end. But he’s just not, man. That fourth line has been getting tormented by opposing teams and it needs to get going.

Our scoring depth, though. That shit’s going. I like to see that.

Toby. Two points.

Drake. Two goals.

Just kidding sort of. Good for him. Team is going because the secondary scoring is going so I’ll shut up and take it.

Evan Bouchard looks like Jordan Eberle’s dad.

My guess is Bouchard is going back to the OHL and we’re just delaying the inevitable to let him get a couple more games against some different opponents (CHI and MIN would be games eight and nine for him). It sucks because he’s looked pretty good but, realistically, he’s played extremely sheltered minutes. It’s better for him to go back to London. That said, if we’re serious about being good this year then we need a better option than Jason Garrison. Watching his corpse attempt to play defense is like mainlining soda directly into your eyeballs.

Nuge had another point (12 in 7) and drew two penalties, meaning it was a good day for team Nuge. Imagine if we traded him too? I don’t like to think about that and, looking back, it seems hilarious to think that people actually wanted this to happen/people thought we’d be better off without him, because two many centers and too much money or some other irrationally ridiculous bullshit.

Hottest Take of the Game


The Game as a Song

Goo Goo Dolls, “Iris”


Damn rights everything is. That streak is no more, and I look forward to never hearing about it again.

Now excuse me because I have a Bowser costume to wear and about 97 celebratory Halloween cocktails to make disappear.

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Innovative idea! While I suppose I support the idea of you getting an education… I really just want a killer blog that’s fresh, borderline (ok, outright) bitter, hilarious, and all about the Oil. Glad you found a compromise 😉 Keep up the good work.
Miko is kinda… Not bad! Although I say that with Oilerz syndrome…