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Got the game going on the lap top and the Raptors second half on TV. That’s commitment. That’s grit. Jim Matheson would be proud.

What the fuck is that actual music the Oilers come out to? Glitching AOL dialup? It actually hurts my ears. Feed the DJ to Hunter.


Oilers by ALL THE GOALS!

1st Period

The puck is moving like a real asshole. Did the Oil Kings play last night?

Greg Pateryn in the box? Shame. Such a shame.


ALMOST a McPoint on the goal but even better was the celebration… and I’m not talking about Leon:

Confirmed what we already knew: Blue fucks. BLUE YOU’RE MY BOY!!

Strome sits for slashing while JP sits because the coach thinks he doesn’t work hard or something.

And the penalty leads to a Wild goal. Related: Jason Garrison’s inability to do anything productive with the puck baffles me.

Jason had the puck along the boards until he didn’t anymore, and then they scored. Real question: How long does Todd continue play him?


1st Period Thoughts

Peppered Stalock. That was a pretty solid period of hockey. Power play looked like ass on the second go around. But other than a penalty by Strome and a mind-numbingly dumb play by Garrison it was actually a good period of hockey. We will take it to them the final 40.

2nd Period


DONG = CONCRETE HARD! PSA: Connor’s left a bottle of Tres Comas stuck on the mutant button tonight. He’s out for blood on Halloween Eve and his target it clearly Ryan Suter sending PRAYERS out there.

Minny tied it. Garrison was on the ice, and directly involved with the play. Outstanding stuff. Imagine Connor gets a team that regularly plays Jason Garrison into the playoffs? Just skip the Awards because he’ll win them all.

Alex Chiasson is officially gunning for Auston Matthews as well. Give him four in six baby. And I’d just like to point out that St. Albert missile of a point shot which led to that goal:

St. Albert’s first Oilers point of the year, it’s the start of big things let me tell ya. Chiasson is scoring on approximately 75 per cent of his shots and he shows no sign of slowing down. You say “inevitable regression” I say “goal scorer’s efficiency”!

Give Leon two points tonight. Lucic, wide-open in the slot, just rifled a field goal over the net.

And we’re 0-2 on the penalty kill. Four bodies in front of Cam. Jesus Christ.

Puck was deflected by Eric Staal. Just a nightmarish sequence of events for  the PK, on a night where they’re facing one of the league’s worst power plays. Ah. Hell.

Give me more Connor.

3-3 at least the game is fun?

2nd Period Thoughts

Connor’s gone video game mode on us, out there looking like he has a personal vendetta against the Suter family.

PK needs to do its job.

Leon’s got it going on.

Flames won. Bring on the divisional competition.

God a win would be huge tonight. Boys need to fix some things and close out Minnesota in the third. Or in OT. I don’t care. But my bloodstream is begging for two more McPoints.

3rd Period

Milan Lucic carries the puck with the hands and efficiency of an NBA center.

Yes, there was a stick in there. No, I don’t think it did enough to warrant completely losing control of the puck. Whatever.

Oh fuck me I just noticed who’s playing with Connor and Nuge. Of course Todd’s angel is up there. OF COURSE. Holy shit balls.

Know what? I don’t even care. Just win the damn game so we can stay ahead of Calgary.

First Line Accountable Drake with a penalty with under seven minutes to go in a tie game.

And they scored.

I have a lot of built up Drake anger right now real talk.

Literally 0-5 on the power play and Minnesota’s bullshittingly bad power play scores three on us. Unbelievable.

Milan Lucic is incapable of controlling a pass, performing basic stick handling, or providing anything positive from an offensive standpoint, and yet he continues to play in the final two minutes of a one goal game with additional first unit power play time. Fuck that a lot, man.

4-3 Wild


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