MAB: Bad, we were

Well, no one can argue that we weren’t #bad last night, and I took pride in knowing that as I curled up in my Marty Reasoner jersey and cried myself to fucking sleep.

Might as well get through as much of it as I can, so here it goes…

1st Period

Things couldn’t have started off better for the Oilers. After the refs failed to call this blatant display of interference:

We were given a power play for a separate Morgan Rielly infraction. And on that power play, boners happened:

In a shocking twist, Ron Hainsey proved unable to contain Leon Draisaitl. Leon now has 39 goals and 77 points. McPoint number 86 on that play, too.

The Leafs scored. I didn’t bother getting the GIF because I didn’t care. It was 1-1. We dominated the first. What could possibly go wrong?

The Shit That Went Wrong


Goal again:

Goal that a $4.5 million goalie should save:

AND THEN one more goal on a new goalie because woof:

We lost 6-2.


Jesus fucking Christ.

Not going to lie, all that optimism I irresponsibly built up took a forcible kick to the dick last night.

At least we play Ottawa tonight? (No game day blog today, sorry, got some life things to do).

Worst part of it all was taking it from Leaves Nation last night. That hurt like butt.

Mitch Marner is the best player on the Leaves.

Shit, that game actually sucked a lot.

We may have overpaid Mikko Koskinen just a tad. Stolarz is very Oilerz. We’re so doomed.

Jim Matheson is so dumb:

Jim Matheson is so dumb, part two:

The Oilers record with Matty Ice on the roster was 116-127-35.

Okay, now for the rant. I watched the Lakers v. Pelicans after our game ended. Though I don’t believe the Association is the primary sport of my reader, I assume many of you are still probably familiar with what’s transpired between the New Orleans Pelicans and Anthony Davis. I sat there and watched Anthony Davis sit his disgruntled ass on the Pelicans bench only moments after the Oilers got smacked into Lake Ontario by the Leafs, a transition which acted as an unpleasant reminder of what can happen when an organization fails to build any quantifiable success around a franchise player. Combine that with the Sportsnet intermission panel talking about what a miracle it’s been that Connor’s kept his composure despite the OEG’s unprecedented levels of dumbfuckery and you had a very unsettled Shanny staring aimlessly into a TV screen last night. It all hit me at once. Yes, it’s technically only Connor’s fourth year in the league. And batting .250 still keeps you in the majors, so one out of four possible playoff appearances isn’t technically the worst. But it’s the Oilers stigma that concerns me the most. It’s the fact that we had no fucking playoff appearances in 10 years prior to Connor’s McArrival. It’s the fact that this franchise and, in particular, this owner has proven time and time again as being extremely unfit to create and sustain success. Connor only has to look across the dressing room and see the depleted corpse of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, the surviving member of the entirety of this absolute fucking nightmare of an era, who has sat through seven head coaches and four general managers and has one playoff appearance in eight seasons with the club. The next move we make will ultimately determine Connor McDavid’s future with the club. I’m not kidding. One more hiring fuck up and we could realistically be looking at McDavid’s last contract as an Edmonton Oiler. Bob and Daryl need to get this right, or else we will lose the best thing that’s happened to us in three decades. End rant.

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