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Did Somebody Say Bromance?

One last snapshot from tonight's #Oilers Orientation Camp cooking competition! Bon appétit, fellas. pic.twitter.com/nOR8NvSKHn — Edmonton Oilers (@EdmontonOilers) July 3, 2015 Nothing to see here. Just Chef...

The Eagle Has Landed

  Look who we found at @FlyEIA! @cmcdavid97 and @drtwofive have arrived in #OilCountry for #Oilers Orientation Camp! pic.twitter.com/3VvWTHhj2J — Edmonton Oilers (@EdmontonOilers) June 30, 2015 #PrayForEverybody...


  Just packed @cmcdavid97 stuff headed to Edmonton, safe flying man pic.twitter.com/B8RSvfEqGA — ray singh (@raysingh14) June 30, 2015